Moderation Startup Package

We make sure your marketplace doesn’t get swamped with offensive and illegal items. You focus on what you do best: building that new unicorn.


What is the Startup Package?

24/7 Protection of your user generated content through a mix of Automated and Manual moderation, made for rapidly growing marketplace sites and apps.

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Who is the package for?

Sites and apps dependent on user generated content in English:
  • Online marketplaces
  • Classifieds sites
  • Sharing economy services
  • Dating apps
Up to 100,000 pieces of content/month

How does it work?

Your content is sent through automation

Your content is imported to our automation tool Implio via API or CSV.

Automation rules are managed by our experts

Our Filter Specialists are keeping automation rules up to date according to your needs.

Complex cases are reviewed manually

Content in need of a human touch is reviewed by our experienced moderation team, based on your site policies.

Decisions are returned to your site

Approved or refused content is ready to be published or rejected on your site.

We report back key metrics
  • Automation rate
  • Refusal rate
  • Reviewing time

What’s moderated?

Illegal items

Drugs, guns and tiger cubs are some examples of illegal items that can be automatically refused by Implio, depending on your sites policies

Offensive content

Swear words, racist language, nude pictures etc will be tagged or removed as offensive content, depending on your sites policies


Unallowable links, hidden professionals and other ads trying to take undue advantage are caught

How much is it?

Pricing examples:

20,000 ads/month: 399 + (0.05 x 20,000) = 1,399 euro/month
50,000 ads/month: 399 + (0.05 x 50,000) = 2,899 euro/month

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