About us

We started 2002 in an industry faced with challenges. The Internet Bubble had recently bursted and the big question on everyones mind was how to be able to charge for content and services on the Internet and whether it was possible or not. We thought it was possible, but only if the quality of the content was right. This ambition required skills and processes to keep away the bad stuff and Besedo was founded based on this very idea; to provide a clean website for our clients and ensure that the best quality of the user generated content was being published.

2002: Founded in Stockholm

2004: Developed our first partnerships with police authorities and brands to fight illegal and counterfeit content

2005: Introduced Chat Hosting and Community Moderation services

2007: Opened up our first international office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2008: Opened up our second international office in Malta

2009: Served clients in 15 countries in over 17 languages

2010: Handled more than 62 million ads & items, 400,000 customer tickets, and detected more than 300,000 frauds. Started managing social media

2011: Started serving clients in the Middle East, Africa & Asia

2013: Opened our fourth centre in Bogotá, Colombia

About us
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