Besedo Partnership With Zendesk

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At Besedo we believe that combining talented and knowledgeable people with great tools is the optimal way to achieve the best results. We are aiming to provide customer support where agent and technology complement each other and allows for an optimal delivery.

  • Besedo as expert in moderation and Zendesk as software provider
  • We build together VIP customer support based on experience and
  • Deliver for you customized reports with most importand KPI’s

To that effect we combined forces with Zendesk so we can deliver even better customer service to your users.

Experience has shown us that certain queries have a huge impact on attrition; with Zendesk we can address these high priority tickets efficiently and with a starget strategy. An example of such an issue could be a user that cannot login to their account. Depending on where they are in the customer journey, this could result in frustration and lowered loyalty towards your brand. It could also result in loss of customers, with bad word of mouth on top.

Technical issues that affect the user base are a scary thing for any company, but the damage can be mitigated with quick intervention from customer support. Building on our vast experience with customer support and using Zendesk’s flexible ticket routing capabilities, we can identify, sort and direct high priority tickets to the right agent. Your customer will be back on track in no time.

Working with you we can also use this approach to prioritise emails from your VIP customers, new customers or any other group that is relevant to your current strategy. With Zendesk we can also keep track of the statistics that we know are important to our clients and using either premade or Besedo personalised reports we can tailor the customer support insights so they fit the needs of your company.

Utilising the input from your customers, combined with our knowledge of general customer pain points, we are able to build and improve your help center allowing your customers easier access to the answers they need, in order to have a smooth experience with your product 24/7 and without any wait time.

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