Automated Moderation

The Best-of-Breed Solution for Accurate
and Real-time Content Moderation


What Makes Our Moderation Tool Unique?

Our moderation tool combines machine learning, computer vision and custom automation rules with a panel for manual review of more complex content. It can detect abstract patterns by drawing connections between user behavior, meta data, text and pictures better and faster than any human would be able to do. The content in need of a human touch can easily be moderated in the manual review panel.

Best in Class Artificial Intelligence

AI is on everyone’s lips right now but machine learning itself isn’t necessarily going to help you. In the end, it must solve the particular challenges your business have. Our tech is developed by moderators for moderators, based on 15+ years of experience from moderation of classifieds sites, marketplaces and dating apps. Our team of data scientists and linguists regularly train the machine, measure its performance and finetune the models and filters. All this is necessary to reach the 99%+ accuracy that we are famous for!

How accurate is your solution and how much resources is it taking for you to reach it?


How Does It Work?

We offer an end-to-end automation solution, which is easy to deploy and manage and gives you powerful results.
You get full transparency, access to data and the ability to quickly customize rules to suit your particular needs.

Your Content

Your content enters the automation tool via a RESTful API.

Automation Module

The Machine Learning and Computer Vision models, fine-tuned as per your app or site needs and business requirements, analyze your content, discover patterns and learn to moderate your site with confidence.

A decision to approve, refuse or send to manual moderation
is made, in real time.

Manual Review Panel

Content in need of a manual moderation are sent to the review panel where your team can take a manual decision.

Decisions Sent Back

Your content is sent back to you with a decision, ready to be published so that your users can safely interact with high quality content on your app or site.

Easily Accessible Metrics

You can always follow data for reject ratio, automated decision ratio, refusal reasons and other KPIs in the control panel.

Let Us Manage Your Setup

Our experienced team can help create a custom solution specific to your needs, site policies and local legal framework.

Your site will integrate with our API. It’s a simple process but our developers will guide you if needed.

We continuously iterate on your automation models and rules to reflect new trends, policies and insights to maintain the quality of your site’s content.