Audit, Benchmark & Automation Test

Finding the right service for your site.

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Audit, Benchmark & Automation Test

In order for you to get a deeper understanding of what our services can do for your business and what service would suit you best, we offer audits, benchmarks and automation tests of your site.

Based on the results of the analyzes and audits executed, you will be presented with a tailor made solution to fit your needs.

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We perform a study on 1 sample of 1000 ads. The audit includes a mystery shopper report to present potential threats to your business growth.


We benchmark your sites performance against competitors of your choice. The process is a study on 5 samples of 1000 ads and includes a mystery shopper report per site.

Automation Test

We analyze the content on your site, in consideration to the sites policies and rules, in order to define what could be moderated automatically.

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