About Besedo

Better Digital Content for All.


Our Story

We have been doing user generated content moderation since 2002. Back then our mission was a fairly simple one – to moderate content and keep communities happy so websites could pay their wages. As our business grew, so did our offer. Not only do we now deliver world class moderation, but also insights and advisory services
– making sure content publishers have the best conditions possible to make their business grow.

We review and moderate more than 170 million articles yearly, respond to over 1 million user support inquiries and block 100 thousand fraud and scam attempts.
Besedo’s clients consider user experience, trust and safety to be critical for their sustainable growth. Besedo operates out of 5 offices across the world in Colombia, Malaysia, Malta, Romania and Sweden with more than 500 employees.


Our Vision

Better Digital Content for All


Our Mission

We empower organizations of all sizes, industries and cultures to understand and improve their content, resulting in a better digital experience for billions of users.


2002 – Pioneers in user generated content moderation online with Swedish site Blocket as the first customer.

2004 – As online fraud is becoming a more apparent threat to many sites, Besedo starts its first fraud fighting department partnering with police authorities and large brands.

2005 – Besedo’s global expansion starts with customers like Subito, Finn and Leboncoin.

2010 – Besedo expands to industries like dating and social media.

2013 – Besedo develops and start using  in-house tools for automation & assisted manual moderation.

2016 – Launches Implio, a tool for automated and manual moderation built on our nearly 15 years of experience.

Today – Recognized as leaders in the industry with offices and clients around the world, providing a combination of automated and manual moderation to small and large sites globally.