Protect Your Users from Unwanted Content


Why Content Moderation?

scam free site

Reduce Risks

Moderation reduces the risks of
lawsuits and other legal issues
related to scams, threats, counterfeit and
illegal content.

Opportunity to Grow

A moderated site is given the
opportunity to grow by increasing
customer retention and
thereby your business.

Build Your Brand

A moderated site enforces your
brand values and allows visitors to
feel safe when interacting with
your site.

In the U.S.A. alone, more than 800 million dollars
was lost last year due to online fraud

Who Needs To Moderate?

Classifieds & Marketplaces

…depend upon daily moderation for a scam free site without abusive content, offensive images,
and illegal products.

Dating Sites

…require moderation to spot and delete fake profiles in order to protect users from getting scammed.

Sharing Economy Services

…need to moderate their content to control user profiles, and delete fake reviews,
inappropriate language and scams.

Content Moderation Made Easy – Worldwide

Automated Moderation

Our all-in-one moderation solution Implio allows you to manage
unsuitable content instantly with the power of machine learning, computer vision and filters customlized to the nature of your site. The tool can
either be managed by you or by our specialized teams.

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Manual Moderation

We offer manual moderation executed by our global teams
of experienced analysts. You can also choose to moderate
yourself in the easy-to-use interface of Implio. All to find
the perfect solution for your quality needs and budget.

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